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Uniform Policy


Policy Code: 4316 Student Dress Code

The board believes that responsibility for the dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and his or her parents or guardians and that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment.  The board expects students to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to wear clothes that are suitable for the school activities in which they participate.

The board respects students’ rights to express themselves in the way they dress in accordance with the dress and grooming standards established in this policy.  The board recognizes that clothes are not gender specific. 

A. Minimum Dress and Grooming Standards

The board requires that student appearance and clothing comply with the following standards.  Enforcement must reasonably accommodate clothing or accessories worn by students as an expression of sincerely held religious beliefs or by students with disabilities.

1. Students must wear clothing that includes both a shirt with pants or a skirt, or the equivalent (for example, a dress or a shirt with shorts), and shoes with a solid sole.

2. Headgear, including hats, hoodies, and caps, are not allowed.

3. Upper clothing must cover the chest, from armpit to armpit, and the torso.  Straps are required.

4. Lower clothing, specifically dresses and skirts, must extend to the mid-thigh.  Shorts or pants must not reveal undergarments or buttocks.  Holes/designs in lower clothing must meet the above criteria.

5. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building.

6. Clothing and accessories must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities, including activities in physical education courses, science labs, and shop classes, and other activities where unique hazards exist or specialized attire or safety gear is required.

Additionally, students are prohibited from wearing, carrying or displaying any clothing or accessories that:

1. Depict, imply, advertise, or advocate unlawful violence or other illegal conduct, or the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances.

2. Display or imply vulgar, lewd, or obscene language or images.  Clothing and accessories may not depict or imply pornography, nudity, or sexual acts. 

3. Endanger student or staff safety.

4. Are prohibited under policy 4328, Gang-Related Activity, or any other provision of the Code of Student Conduct; or

5. Create a substantial disruption of the educational process or operations of the school.


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