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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

Policy Code: 8520 Student Dress Code

Students are expected to adhere to the standards of cleanliness and dress that are compatible with the requirements of a productive and safe school environment. Those standards generally acceptable to the community as appropriate in a public setting shall be the determining criteria governing student dress.

A student’s appearance, mode of dress, or condition of personal hygiene shall not be permitted to disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to the health or safety of others.

The principal may make reasonable accommodations to this Policy based on a student’s religious beliefs or medical conditions.

Therefore, the following rules shall be followed:

  • All students in grades 9-12 will be required to display identification cards with their picture and their name while on the school grounds;
  • The shoulder width of shirts or blouses must completely cover undergarments. No spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, or tank tops are allowed;
  • Net shirts, bare midriffs, or other revealing attire are not acceptable;
  • Underwear shall not be revealed;
  • Headgear, hats, or sunglasses are not to be worn in the building except for medical and/or safety reasons;
  • Clothing, jewelry or buttons with letters, initials, symbols, or wording that is obscene, offensive, inflammatory, or detrimental to the instructional process are not allowed;
  • Gang-related clothing, accessories or symbols as identified by local law enforcement agencies will not be allowed;
  • Clothing, jewelry, book bags or other items which are associated with intimidation, violence or violent groups, and about which students have been notified may not be worn;
  • Leggings or other excessively tight fitting pants must be covered by a garment to the appropriate length.  (The length of the garment shall cover the area to mid thigh.); and
  • Dresses, skirts, skorts and similar garments must meet the same criteria as put forth above.

Elementary School Principals may allow reasonable variations in determining whether the attire is school appropriate.

When, in the judgment of the principal, a student’s appearance violates the intent of this Policy, or the policy of a school which has established a standard dress code, the student will be required to make necessary modifications. Continued violations of the dress code policy shall result in an out-of-school suspension.

Adopted:  prior to 1986

Revised: 04/14/87, 05/07/91, 07/02/96, 07/20/99, 09/07/99, 10/19/99, 02/05/02, 04/05/11, 07/12/16




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